“It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading?”


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Ok, admit it- who among us tweens back in 1986 (before ‘tweens’ was even a word!) didn’t want to start their own babysitting club, thanks to Ann M. Martin’s popular series?! Being the founder of a failed neighborhood girl band (we all wanted to be the lead singer because none of us could play guitar), I began to set my sights on other business ventures. I remember trying in vain to rally my friends in an effort to combine our talents in the area of below minimum wage childcare.  It wasn’t so much the budding entrepreneur in me, as it was the desire to take part in something a bit bigger than just the occasional afternoon playdate or sleepover.

I was elated when, based on my prior purchases of Smile, Drama, and Sisters by Raina Telgemeier, my friendly online bookseller recommended her graphic novel version of Martin’s, “The Baby-Sitters Club: The Truth About Stacey.”  And last week, my pre-order arrived!

Instantly, I was transported back twenty-nine years to the first time I cracked open a BSC book and got lost inside the seemingly everyday lives of Kristy, Stacey, Claudia, and Mary Anne all over again. Lives that were both believable and inspiring- important qualities to this consummate consumer of realistic fiction.  This graphic rendition is sure to attract a whole fan base of BSC readers. The full color illustrations, coupled with Telgemeier’s embedded wit, will appeal to tweens in your life and the plot line of Stacey dealing with being a newly diagnosed diabetic will resonate with a growing number of kids dealing with similar health issues.

Thanks, Ann and Raina, for giving this reader a chance to revisit one of my childhood favorites from a new perspective. And for giving a whole new generation a chance to experience it for the first time.


Happy Monday and Happy Reading!



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