It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?


IMWAYR? posts originated at and have taken off from there! It’s a great way to collaborate with colleagues, near and far, about what texts folks are currently reading.

Please be sure to check out the Teach.Mentor.Text and Unleashing Readers blogs by Jen & Kellee, the creators of this meme, for other bloggers participating in “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?”

This week has been all about picture books for me!

One of my new favorites is A Squiggly Story, written by Andrew Larsen and illustrated by Mike Lowery.  It’s the tale of a very young boy who wants to write a story, but is hesitant because he doesn’t know many words.  His big sister, whom he strives to emulate, reassures him that a story can start with just one letter.  So he picks up his pencil and writes an “easy letter,” the letter I.

And so his story begins…

His sister prompts him when he gets stuck and encourages him to keep going.  The boy is so delighted with his creation that he takes it to school and shares with his class what he has written so far.  His classmates, in turn, offer suggestions for how he could end his story.

One of the most beautiful parts in the book occurs when the boy comes home and tells his sister he is still undecided about his conclusion and his sister reminds him that he can do whatever he wants, for HE is the author.

This book is sure to be a “kinder-crowd-pleaser!”  For all those times when early writers feel stuck or self-conscious about their writing abilities, this is a book that you will want to have handy!  What I also appreciated about this book was that the illustrations capture what early attempts at writing can tend to look like and celebrates them.

Coming this September, A Squiggly Story is sure to be a favorite for our littlest authors, as well as their parents and teachers!



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