Man, I should really be writing this stuff down!

Head on over to my friend, Paula’s “Just a Moment” blog, celebrating teachers who write.

Just A Moment

As writers, we write what we know best.  As teachers, what we know best is our students.  After serving eight years as a literacy coach in my district, I decided to dip my toes back into the rejuvenating waters of the classroom this past year.  I changed schools and accepted a position as a first grade teacher.  We’ve all had those moments when we say, “Man, I should really be writing this stuff down!”  Well, this year I did.  Here is a tiny window into some of the many priceless experiences I shared with eighteen 6-year-olds over the course of our ten months together.

First graders are really eager to share jokes with anyone who will listen, although admittedly for me, a big part of the hilarity is seeing them figure out the process of trying to be funny.  One particular morning at breakfast, I was chatting with a…

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